Strike a Pose…Part 2

Collaborating on a Fashion Frenzy… I have never been so happy, so tired, or so thoroughly blissed out…this is the final installation of an amazing experience. Having the opportunity to work with the phenomenal Theo of the Uptown Hair District and the fabulous Wing of Canary Grey Photography was a gift and an adventure I … Continue reading

Strike a Pose…Part 1…

Collaboration…Fashion…Hair…Makeup… I had the privilege and great honor to work with Theo of the Uptown Hair District and Wing of Canary Grey Photography for a day of never-ending style and beauty. It was one of the most incredible shoots ever! Since I could literally gush about what a spectacular day it was for ages…I’ve decided … Continue reading

Dream a Little Dream for Me…Part 3

The final installation of a fantastic day! Many thanks and much love to all my wonderful, beautiful models and one amazing, talented photographer…this was possible because of you…   Now to wax poetic about Phoenix…   How wonderful can one model get? Phoenix was the youngest model at the shoot, but no less professional and … Continue reading

Dream a little Dream for me…Part 2…

This day really was a dream come true for me…I felt like a kid in a candy shop…or rather a makeup shop! As I mentioned before, this is Part 2 of a wonderful, amazing day…   Now, to gush appropriately about Abby…   Abby is an aspiring model and it shows! Perhaps you have caught … Continue reading

Dream a little Dream for me…Part 1…

Charming space…gorgeous models…breathtaking accessories…glittery jewelry…and makeup, makeup, MAKEUP! What better way to spend a Saturday than to have the opportunity to glam up three beautiful ladies? In order to give each model her proper due, I will be breaking this post into three different sections so that I may wax poetic (i.e. gush appropriately) about … Continue reading