Strike a Pose…Part 2

Collaborating on a Fashion Frenzy…

I have never been so happy, so tired, or so thoroughly blissed out…this is the final installation of an amazing experience. Having the opportunity to work with the phenomenal Theo of the Uptown Hair District and the fabulous Wing of Canary Grey Photography was a gift and an adventure I will never forget.

I have a total beauty [CRUSH] on Theo…and I am a fan for life! Next model on the docket, the gorgeous Ines…

The pictures posted in this blog represent the work that I personally worked and collaborated on. To see more beautiful images, be sure to check out Canary Grey Photography.


Again…thank you…thank you…thank you…to Theo, Wing, Ines, and Jess for a truly fabulous day!!

Also, special thanks to…local stars…Melrose Antiques and PFT Couture for lending us some beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces.


Hair and Makeup…Theo Nguyen, Uptown Hair District

Photography…Canary Grey Photography





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