Dream a Little Dream for Me…Part 3

The final installation of a fantastic day! Many thanks and much love to all my wonderful, beautiful models and one amazing, talented photographer…this was possible because of you…


Now to wax poetic about Phoenix…


How wonderful can one model get? Phoenix was the youngest model at the shoot, but no less professional and fabulous! Faux fur, sparkles, and sophistication were the perfect choices to show off her alabaster skin and beautiful (natural) auburn hair.

Phoenix has naturally wavy hair and it was begging to get a boost. So, I decided to go “Carrie”. That’s right, as in Carrie Bradshaw. Her waves from season six were gorgeous and a perfect inspiration. Using a technique I saw on a Sex and the City behind the scenes episode, we were able to create natural loose curls that complimented her bone structure perfectly.

  • Prepping Phoenix’s hair with a heat protectant spray helped hold the curls and prevent heat damage.
  • Using a 3/4-inch curling iron, I wrapped a section of hair around the barrel of the closed curling iron, making sure to keep hold of the end until the hair was heated through, then the section was released.
  • Once her hair had cooled, I raked my fingers through the curls to loosen them up.
  • All it took was a little hair crème applied with my fingertips from mid-length to ends to ensure soft hold without sacrificing movement.
  • To create lift at the roots, I lifted Phoenix’s hair and sprayed hairspray at the roots being careful not to muss up the curls too much, which would create frizz. A little flexible hairspray overall locked in style and finished the look.

And there you have it…curls…a la Carrie Bradshaw.


On to the makeup…[HEART]

Phoenix happened to have a special event to attend following our shoot…so we decided to glam it up…lush lashes and bold lips shouted “life of the party” and she truly was.

  • Per the usual, I started with makeup primer and peach-toned concealer, followed by skin-tone matching concealer, and then HD finishing powder.
  • Next, auburn toned eye brow powder was used to fill in her eyebrows and brow wax set the shape.
  • Contouring was created with mixture of a cool pink blush and bronzer, while a beige highlighter brought luminosity and dimension to Phoenix’s face.
  • Eye shadow primer was used to prep eye lids. Nude and ivory cream shadow were blended and smoothed onto the eyes. This was followed by a shimmery nude shadow. A taupe shadow contoured the crease, a matte nude was used to highlight the brow bone, and a chocolate shade was used on the outer corners of the eyes and into the lash lines. A shimmery beige shadow in the inner corner of the eye and inner part of the lower lash line added just the right amount of highlight to Phoenix’s gorgeous blue/grey eyes.
  • Dark brown liner thickened the upper lash line and was then lightly applied to the lower lash line.
  • Once lashes were curled, falsies were added, and mascara “glued” them together for a seamless look. A bit of dark brown cream liner was used to cover the base of the false lashes.
  • Skin tone matching concealer blotted on the lips created a neutral palette for dark berry plum lips. All it took was a plum lip liner. I filled in Phoenix’s entire lip with the lip pencil, and then a light of application of lip balm kept her lips from drying out. That’s all, simple as that.

And there you have it…BEAUTIFUL. Giving Phoenix the opportunity to play dress up and then sending her off to her special event all dolled up was a fabulous moment for both of us. Having someone with so much youthful exuberance and joy was a perfect reminder of why I love my job.


Reflections on this shoot? Pinch me, I still feel like I am dreaming! LOVE, [HUGS], and much appreciation to everyone who made this fantastic day possible! I couldn’t have done it without you ladies, and I am forever grateful for the experience.


Photography…Canary Grey




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