Dream a little Dream for me…Part 2…

This day really was a dream come true for me…I felt like a kid in a candy shop…or rather a makeup shop! As I mentioned before, this is Part 2 of a wonderful, amazing day…


Now, to gush appropriately about Abby…


Abby is an aspiring model and it shows! Perhaps you have caught one of her fitness/dance classes at Life Time Fitness…she brought the same energy and excitement to our photo shoot. I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with her on several occasions…and I am looking forward to many more to come.

Beautiful, long, thick hair was the perfect start for our “sophisticated–punk look” and it transitioned brilliantly for the “boho–punk look”.

  • Prepping Abby’s fine hair with a heat protectant spray held her wavy curls and helped prevent heat damage.
  • Using a 1-inch curling iron, I started the curls close to the roots and wrapped the top section of her hair around the iron, leaving the ends out. After holding the hair for a moment, I would unwind the top portion and continue down the rest of the section, always leaving the ends out.
  • After her hair had cooled, I had Abby tip her head forward while we shook out the curls to get a messy “beachy” look.
  • Scrunching in a mixture of matte texturizer and hair cream ensured separation, hold, and soft movement.
  • I backcombed the front section of hair from the front to the top of the crown and the sides. Then, I pulled the front portion into a small “bump” and pinned in place. Using a boar bristle brush to initially smooth out the sides a bit, I continued to pin back the side sections and used my fingers to keep the look piecy and haphazard.
  • A little more strategic backcombing and some hairspray completed the look.

Ta da! A punk look that easily transitioned into a laid back boho vibe with one additional accessory and a quick wardrobe change…but we will get to that in a bit…


And now…the MAKEUP…[my weakness]…

Having had the pleasure of doing Abby’s makeup before, I decided we should switch things up and go a bit punk–crazy…blame it on the super fun hair…

  • I started by prepping the skin with a makeup primer.
  • Using a peach toned concealer as a base, I then topped this with a skin tone matching concealer…blend, blend, blend…
  • A light application of mineral foundation was set by an HD finishing powder.
  • Brow powder filled in sparse areas and added shape, while brow wax kept everything neat.
  • I contoured the hollows of Abby’s cheeks, her temples, and jaw line using a matte face powder 2–3 shades darker than her skin tone [for drama]. After the contouring, I finished with a bronzer to deepen the shadows and keep the look edgy.
  • Eyelids were prepped with primer. Then, I used a thick black eyeliner to create a thick line on the top lash line. Using a flat tapered brush, I smudged the line up and extended it into a cat’s–eye at the end. I went over the line again with the black liner and continued smudging until the line was the right consistency.
  • Next, I used a smaller black waterproof liner to line her waterline, and then used the same brush to smudge the line along the bottom. This line was extended out at the ends and then draw into the inner eye and down a bit.
  • Lashes were curled, false ones were added, and mascara applied to “glue” the real and fake lashes together. I followed this up with a bit of liner on top of the lash line to cover the base of the falsies.
  • Skin tone matching concealer was carefully blotted onto Abby’s lips to lighten them and then a nude gloss, with a pinky/gold base was swiped on top.

Wow! It sounds like a lot, but the look came together pretty easily. The results = FABULOUS! A dazzling model with a generous and fun disposition is just a bonus.


For the outdoor shots, we did very minor changes. And yet, it modified the whole look. I think it speaks to Abby’s versatility.

  • Pink blush was lightly applied to the apples of the cheeks.
  • Then a hot pink [I liken it to Barbie Ferrari Pink] was dabbed on Abby’s lips.

That’s it… small changes, transformation…speechless…


Reflections on Abby’s shoot? LOVE the opportunity to stretch myself and how can you not [HEART] a model who is totally willing to go with the flow?

It may have been crazy busy, and yet I could not pass up the opportunity to do minor touches to Abby’s makeup prior to her outdoor shoot. These modifications completely changed her look in an remarkable way. And I must add here that she is a true MODEL, braving single digit temperatures just to get the perfect shot…AMAZING…

Love, Love, LOVE my job!


Up next…Part 3…Phoenix…


Photography…Canary Grey



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